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Our upcoming Holiday Search brings you all the information you or your customers need to find the perfect trip. With content from cruise lines and tour operators around the world, it includes trip dates, details, pricing, availability and more. 

Dive in to each day with itinerary photos, accommodation descriptions and destination videos.

Search filters available on Widgety Holiday Search
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Search by any set of criteria, compare selected holidays side by side, allow people to make informed decisions; and give them the confidence to start travelling again.

Customers can add trips to their enquiry basket and book a call, Zoom or meeting directly with you. Integrated calendar functionality means they can book into your diary, within the hours that you set as available.

Complete with up to date policies such as health and safety, Covid-19 protocols, environmental impact, and the disabled facilities available. 

Easily embedded into your website, the Holiday Search requires little IT knowledge, and can be set up within 48 hours of enquiry. Designed for all devices, for social media, for your email marketing and customer quotes. The Holiday Search is a tool for the future of travel.

Optional activities extras on Widgety Holiday Search including trip excursions
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Search & Results

Screenshot of Search Results page on Widgety Holiday Search

View results by price, date, duration or rating.

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Filter your results in any combination.

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See available dates, pricing by type (per person), and explore the destinations visited.

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Scroll through trip highlight images.

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Add to compare and view holidays side by side.

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Search & Filter

Search by a wide range of criteria, pick your destinations around the world, the holiday type you want and more to find the ideal trip. From solo holidays to group walking tours, coach trips to luxury cruises, we have it all. Sort your results by type, price, date or duration.

Screenshot of cruise result on Widgety Holiday Search

Trip Overview

View dates, destinations, ratings, themes and a general overview on one screen. See the featured trip highlights and vital travel operator information before you go any further.

Example of a map from Widgety Holiday Search in the Mediterranean

Accurate Maps

Itinerary maps use official UN Location Codes, meaning that each location is mapped to the exact co-ordinates, even in the remotest of areas around the world. Always wanted to visit one particular spot? Now you can.

Screenshot of example of itinerary as shown on Widgety Holiday Search, sailing from Portugal to Spain

Daily Itinerary Information

See arrival and departure times day by day, expand each one for more information about the destination and activities, the excursions available to you, any restaurants or hotels you might be staying at, with stunning photography for it all.

Example of cabins on Widgety Holiday Search including different types, pricing, images and pre/post cruise options

Accommodation Types, Pricing & Availability

Ship cabins, hostels and hotels, all shown with images, descriptions and pricing. See the next level up to compare the value for money, or go all out and book yourself a suite. Additional pre and post extensions are shown too, with pricing and photography.

The option to add transport on new Holiday Search including flights and train options

Add Transport Options

Package up trips by adding flights, train journeys and airport transfers. Tailor to a solo traveller, a couple, family or a large group. Add on excursions, accommodation options and additional luggage costs.

Crystal Symphony ship and ship facts from Widgety Holiday Search

Ship Detail (If Applicable)

For every cruise, you can explore the ship in remarkable detail. From a general overview to the square footage of each cabin, which restaurants are complimentary and the enrichment opportunities on board, plus a lot more.

Holiday Comparison

Add any two or three trips to the Holiday Comparison feature and view every detail side by side. Change accommodation types, add transport options and optional extras to update the quote instantly.

Compare itineraries, operators, themes, accommodation facilities and more, before adding one or more to the enquiry basket.

There’s no booking or payment system; your customers can browse without worrying about going a click too far. No information is hidden behind payment gateways, meaning you can explore every part of the adventure before making the final decision.

Comparison page from Widgety Holiday Search where three totally different holidays are compared side by side

Enquiry Basket

Customers can add trips that they’re interested in to their Enquiries Basket, before submitting the enquiry to a travel agent for them to follow up with. An integrated calendar function allows the customer to book a phone call or Zoom meeting directly into your diary within the hours that you set as available. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The content in the Holiday Search comes from the cruise and tour operators themselves – itinerary information updates as often as it is available. 

Yes, the Holiday Search will be completely customisable, from your own branded header and footer down to fonts and colours. You can also choose which content you want to show if you have a specific sales focus.

You can have your Holiday Search on your own website, or have a white-label solution from us.

Autumn 2021, dates TBC.

You can get in touch using our contact page or from the footer below for more information.

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