introducing version 2 of the cruises API

10 august 2017

After months of hard work, we’re happy to announce the launch of Version 2 of the Cruises API, which is the first step in getting our cruise data directly from the cruise lines, starting with Regent Seven Seas and Oceania. 

We get an excellent feed of information in each morning for the majority of cruise lines through Choosing Cruising. However, requests from customers and the cruise lines themselves led us in January to decide that live availability, pricing for all cabin types, and fare sets required a full integration directly into Widgety.


For integrated cruise lines, the Version 2 of the Cruises API bring through some new fields and features never before available on the API, such as:

Detailed pricing and Fare Sets
Each integration will provide detailed pricing per cabin type. Some cruise lines may provide multiple sets of pricing based on the promotions they’re currently running. These fare sets will be available on the API if the cruise line provides all of them in their direct feed.

Live Pricing and Availability
The data from each integration will be updated as often as the cruise line advises us. Whether it be once a day, or every hour. This means we’ll always have the latest pricing and availability on the API.

Vendor Guides
Should the direct feed include copy from the cruise line in regards to ports, these will be available as well.

Official cruise link
If the link to the cruise’s page on the official cruise line’s website is available on their direct feed, or is easily created based on information provided in the feed, it will also be available in the feed, allowing you to quickly get access to that page should you need to.

Non-Commissionable Charges
Some cruise lines provide non-commissionable charges in their feed. If it is available, you’ll be able to get it from our API.

Official UNLOCODE for each port
We have mapped each of the ports currently on the API to our new Ports database, which includes the official UNLOCODE for each port. Should you have your own content linked to each port in your own database, you’ll be able to use this code to map them to the one in our database.

Short destination summaries
We have written short guides to some of the most visited destinations. These are now available on the API for you to use on your website. We add in new ones often, to fill in the gaps. We are working from the most visited, to the least.

Latitude and Longitude
We are now providing latitude and longitude for each port visited. This will allow you to create maps for the cruises should you wish to.


To learn more about the new fields and changes to the Cruises API, please read the following support articles:

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