Ship iFrames

It’s not easy to keep your website up to date with the latest cruise ships, let alone to keep up with any new features, restaurants and refits. Changing images and deck plans is time consuming, and creating all that content in the first place even more so. Our Ship iFrames provide an easy to design, build and install solution, keeping the content up-to-date with information from the cruise lines themselves.

Every Detail

The Ship iFrames include content on: basic ship stats, deck plans, accommodation types, dining options, entertainment on board, health and fitness facilities, children’s facilities, enrichment opportunities and useful to know information including dress codes, smoking policies, disabled facilities and more. All complete with up to date images and videos so you and your customers can really explore every ship. 

Beautiful Ships, Built By You

Built in response to customer requests, our Ship iFrame solution allows you to choose a ship, customise the look, feel and copy of the page, and show or hide the bits you want to see.

Save your theme and use it as many times as you want on any number of ships. We can bulk-create the iFrames for you if you’re trying to make large amounts, so you’ll have every ship you want perfectly matched to your brand.

Keep It Simple

​​​A simple iFrame embed code can be pasted into any page on your website, app, or anywhere else that accepts HTML. The Ship iFrames are built for all devices and easy to manage once installed.

Try it out

The below information on Celebrity Beyond is one of our Ship iFrames, everything between here and the FAQ is an embeddable Widget that can be created in seconds.


A Widget is an application that gets added to your web page and brings in information from elsewhere. It displays all the content by itself and doesn't need updating. The clock or the weather apps on your mobile phone are widgets, just like ours

The Cruise Search, Brochure Rack and Ship iFrames can be placed anywhere that accepts HTML. You can read our short installation guide here.

Adding our Widgets to your Facebook page is easy, just follow our guide here or give us a call for a run through. Please note that the Widgets can only be embedded on pages, not groups. If you have less than 2,000 likes on your page you will need to follow this guide instead.

No, any changes you make to your Widget will change elsewhere automatically without you having to touch the code again. Install once, but update as often as you like.

Give us a call to set up a meeting or chat over the phone. We understand each cruise line is different and can work with whatever level of resourced and technical ability you have. We have the resourced to do all the initial work for you so that you can log into your personal dashboard on Widgety and start by checking the ship information we have on your brand. 

Widgety can copy from your website, accept file transfers, take content from PDF brochures and any other resources you have. Once on our system you can keep them up to date by logging in and making any changes yourself. Itineraries, pricing and availability can be done through updating a shared file we create for you, or by integrating your own flat file, XML, API or even regular spreadsheet. We have detailed guides to the content we would like and the formats needed to add it in.

We have the resources to manage your content for you, or you can keep it up to date yourself.

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