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The Widgety Cruise API is the largest of its kind, featuring itineraries, pricing, availability (where provided), ship content and ports visited, from over 60 cruise lines around the world. All of the content on the Widgety platform can be requested through the Cruise API, including 1000 ships, brochures, trade resources, and tens of thousands of images.

Create your own bespoke cruise solution to suit your business.


Designed from the ground up to be as flexible as possible, the Widgety API aims to provide all of the content available on the platform in a way that allows customers to use it on their own websites and solutions. This ensures that the content you are interested in featuring will update on your website without you having to ever look at it.


If you would like a test API key please contact us. You will be able to use our developer website to make live requests and get instant results, allowing you to understand and experience the API without needing to commit or invest in full development.


Cruise API - Image Resizer

You can choose type of compression and quality for every single image on Widgety; we upload the highest quality photos we can find in order to allow you to manipulate them however you like. 

An example of the image geometry parameters available.

You can specify cover and profile image geometry for ships and operators.

For ships, you can also make requests for all additional ship sections, such as deck plans, dining options, accommodation types and more. 

Should you need the same image(s) in different sizes, you can pass arrays of geometry strings to request multiple sizes at once. 

It’s also possible to specify compression settings in the same way. 

Cruise API - Get Operators

There are more than 60 cruise operators on the Widgety API, with every cruise, ship, image, resource and more available. 

You can see the full list of the cruise lines we work with here. 

An example of the port of call parameters.

A single request can get the operator information in full including their ships, brochures and images.

You can also make a request for any operators that have itineraries starting from, or calling at, a specific port. 

This allows you to quickly build content based on a specific destination or cruise line. 

You can see all the available parameters for an operator request here. 

Cruise API - Get Ships

There are so many ships on Widgety that we’ve been known to lose track of the exact number. From the largest in the world to charter yachts, you can find information about everything from accommodation on board to dietary requirements, and which plug sockets are in the cabins. 

An example of the accommodation stats parameters

You can make a request to get every ship on the platform but there are lots of additional filters built into the API to allow you to make very specific requests as well. 

You can filter by any field, such as adult-only ships, those that have butler service on board, or only ships that can cater for a passenger with mobility problems. The possibilities are endless. 

You can see the full list of ship parameters here. 

Cruise API - Get Cruises

Every itinerary, every port called at, every fare set, flights from regional airports, the number of days, whether it’s fly-cruise or cruise only, additional passengers, themes, daily descriptions, and every available price, all tied in to the ship and operator information. 

You can see all the parameters for a cruise here.

The parameters available for fare sets within a cruise.
A cruise reference gets you everything about one or more cruises. A range of filters have been built in to help, similar to ships; you can search for cruises starting from or calling in at certain ports, include a date range, and filter by type of cruise. 
We have headline pricing for inside, outside, balcony and suite grades, which always shows the lowest available fare for that cabin type. This saves on calculating the logic yourself.
Unique to the Widgety Cruise API, we have linked cabin grades and names to the information on the ships, allowing you to get a full picture of the ship and what’s included in the fare. 

Cruise API - Ports

We’ve done the mapping, so you don’t have to. Everywhere in the world, mapped to an exact location; no messy duplications or confusing names. Every cruise, and every port visited, is exact*.

*The exception is those in polar regions, where operators aren’t allowed by international law to specify an exact landing spot each day, in an effort to protect the environment and wildlife.

Example of the information for each port in the Cruise API.

Port visits for a cruise can be requested separately from the cruise itself.

Every port in the API has an accurate latitude and longitude, and an official UNLOCODE where available. 

Day number and timings are included if they’re provided, as is the daily programme that a cruise line provides to explain what the itinerary is for each specific day. If that’s not available, we have our own port information. 

Ports is a growing part of the platform and operator-specific images, copy and credits will be available soon.



The API allows you to create your own bespoke solutions to suit you. In-built filters make it easy to be as specific, or as broad, as you like.


Quickly change and upgrade the content you pull from Widgety as your business grows and the market changes.


Our friendly support team can help with any issues you face, and the Widgety sales team can make sure you're using the Cruise API to the fullest.

Cruise Itineraries & Pricing

Widgety works with the majority of ocean and river cruise lines selling in the UK. We have integrated direct feeds and flat files from those cruise lines into our API, allowing you to access up to date itineraries, pricing, availability and cabin grades where available.

If you have entered your APP Key and Token on the developer website, a ‘Cruise Lines Integrations’ section will show, which will lead you to our Content website. This site provides information about each of our integrations, including how often it is updated, as well as any specific information related to each of them.

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Operators & Ships

There are over 60 cruise line operators in Widgety with more than 1000 ocean and river cruise ships.

Cruise operator information includes brochures, members club information, social media and video links, reasons to book and images.

Cruise ship information is split into the following sections: basic information, dining, entertainment, accommodation, kids facilities, health & fitness, enrichment and useful to know.

Each section is in turn split up into the different facilities available for them, with applicable images and attachments. 

Thousands of Images

There are over 60,000 images, brochures, files and attachments available via the API, attached to tour operators, cruise lines, their ships, ports, and itineraries.

Widgety works directly with operators to ensure all imagery on the platform is royalty free and we include any credits where needed.

To help optimise your website, and save you time, we have built in the ability to request multiple images at the size, quality, and compression to suit you.

Resized and requested once by you, automatically kept up to date by us

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Consumer & Trade Resources

Every cruise line and tour operator, ocean and river cruise ships, trade events and destinations can have brochures and attachments. Ships have menus and deckplans, covid policies and selling guides.

Thumbnails are automatically generated as soon as a file is uploaded into our system, stored on our Amazon Web Server alongside the original file.

All operator brochures are classified and have a drop-off date, making sure that you never see or feature any out of date information. All menus and similar attachments on ships are allocated to the facility they relate to, so you can easily see the menu for a specific spa or restaurant.


Don’t want to do the development yourself? We have partnered with several third-party technology companies that have built the Cruise API into their own systems. You can find out more about each of them below. 

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