Introducing Widgety's New Platform

On the 11th May 2023, Widgety hosted an exclusive event at our offices in Southampton, where we announced that we will be launching a new, first-of-its-kind technology platform for the travel industry. 

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What’s is it?

The new Widgety Platform is designed to aggregate itineraries, ships, FAQs, consumer brochures, trade resources, video, imagery, and more, from every cruise and tour operator, into a single home for travel agents to access; and to give operators a clear picture of which agencies and others are accessing their content. 


The new Platform will be rolled out to all existing cruise line partners first to build up each content library before opening up registration to travel agents later this year. Operators will be able to log in and manage their content, and importantly, see which agencies, consortia, and other groups have access to it and on what level. 

What will it do?

  • It will allow operators to take control of their content, and find all travel agents and others that access it. 
  • Give operators the opportunity to connect and talk directly to the sales people who actually make the sales, as well as build teams for marketing, on-the-road BDMS and other staff.
  • Give every cruise and tour operator a multifaceted trade-only brand hub to populate with unique features, member’s clubs, in-depth ship content and more.
  • Give every agent all the content from every operator they sell, in one place. 

Speaking at the event, Tricia Handley-Hughes, Director of InteleTravel, explained that every UK homeworker has access to the Widgety content, and they hope to roll it out internationally in the future as well. 

“It’s very difficult when you’ve got 14,000 agents and you’re trying to train everybody, so to have everything in one central resource is amazing”. 


Widgety Director Damian Gevertz added

“Widgety hopes to sit between the cruise line or tour operator, and the travel agents that sell the holidays. Whether that’s online, on the phone, in a branch or at home. 

Historically we’ve not been very good at telling people who our customers are or how much work goes in to every brand. The new platform is designed to allow everyone to essentially cut us out and manage their own content, customers, and brand relationships, in one place”.