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Travel agents, cruise lines and tour operators can all use our Brochure Rack Widgets to display current brochures, resources, offers, window cards and more on their website and Facebook pages. Display your own brochures, only those that you work with or an industry-wide selection.

Hundreds of brochures to choose from

You can stock every brochure from every cruise line and tour operator, or as many or as little as you choose.

Brochures are kept up to date by those who produce them, and drop off once they’ve expired.

Add in your own brochures and resources to show on your website, Facebook page and for other people to have on theirs too. 

Four brochure covers vertical
Four brochure covers vertical
four brochure covers vertical


exciting functionality

Brochures can be searched by name or filtered by type. Everything is named so it can be easily found. 

Quick to view and download, everything is hosted on our servers not yours, so there’s no impact on your bandwidth or site speed.

The Brochure Racks are fully responsive and work on any device, website or app. 

Every resource has a unique AWS link, meaning you can download and share anything you like. 

illustration of Quark expeditions brochure covers
Brochure Rack illustration

Beautiful shelves, built by you

Customise the colours, fonts, sizes and transparency so that it matches your branding and fits seamlessly into your website. 

Choose how many brochures to show on each shelf, how many shelves and how many pages to have. 

We create the thumbnail so you can see the brochures on your shelves before you download them.

Try it out

You can use the Widget below to search through a small selection of the cruise & tour brochures we have available.


A Widget is an application that gets added to your web page and brings in information from elsewhere. It displays all the content by itself and doesn't need updating. The clock or the weather apps on your mobile phone are widgets, just like ours

The Cruise Search, Brochure Rack and Ship iFrames can be placed anywhere that accepts HTML. You can read our short installation guide here.

Adding our Widgets to your Facebook page is easy, just follow our guide here or give us a call for a run through. Please note that the Widgets can only be embedded on pages, not groups. If you have less than 2,000 likes on your page you will need to follow this guide instead.

No, any changes you make to your Widget will change elsewhere automatically without you having to touch the code again. Install once, but update as often as you like.

Give us a call to set up a meeting or chat over the phone. We understand each cruise line is different and can work with whatever level of resourced and technical ability you have. We have the resourced to do all the initial work for you so that you can log into your personal dashboard on Widgety and start by checking the ship information we have on your brand. 

We have more than 100 cruise lines and 40 tour operators using Widgety. Brochures ranging from wine cruises to adventure tours are on the system and are there for you to choose from. 

Yes, the Brochure Racks are fully customisable. You can change how many brochures go on each shelf and how many shelves it has; as well as the colours of the text, buttons and shelves, plus you can change the fonts, sizes, background and transparency.  

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