The idea behind Tern is to consolidate the numerous tools that travel advisors currently juggle — including itinerary management, proposals, CRM, and financial tracking — into a single, end-to-end platform. This integration aims to address inefficiencies and difficulties in creating magical customer experiences.

By bringing all these elements under one roof, Tern equips travel advisors with superior technology that surpasses what travelers can find when booking on their own. We envision a future where clients seek out a travel advisor because of the differentiated digital experience they bring to their travel.

Users of Tern today have access to several tools. These include the proposal and itinerary builder, where Widgety’s content is significantly integrated to unlock a drag and drop cruise experience.

Additionally, they benefit from a world-class CRM tailored to travel, tracking everything from frequent flyer numbers to cruise line loyalty programs and client preferences like allergies. 

The form builder enables users to collect client information elegantly and effectively. Beyond this, users enjoy communication tools and other resources essential for running their business.

We aimed to build the best industry cruise experience, which meant having up-to-date content from numerous cruise lines. After exploring various options and engaging with different teams, we found Widgety to be the ideal partner, thanks to their extensive cruise line relationships and their team’s approachability and partnership ethos.

Working closely with Damian and his team, who took the time to understand our business and adapt to our needs, we have integrated Widgety’s content into Tern. This partnership has been incredibly satisfying, especially due to the deep integration of Widgety’s content into our proposal and itinerary builder.

David Shull

Tern CEO

Tern are also preparing to launch financial products, allowing users to collect various fees directly through their system. The goal is to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end flow for managing all aspects of trip planning.

Currently, Tern does not provide an agency-level platform for managing teams and payments. This feature is something we’re considering for the long-term. 

Tern aim to strike a balance between offering enough customisation and maintaining simplicity. They believe that excessive customisation can lead to complexity, so they prioritise making Tern intuitive and easy to use for everyone, regardless of their tech-savvy level.

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Signing up for Tern is simple. Prospective users can visit for instructions. Additionally, using a referral code from an existing Tern user grants access to a 14-day trial. Tern’s aim is to make the sign-up process as seamless and user-friendly as possible.