Operator in Focus: Havila Voyages

Welcome to Havila Voyages; a Norwegian cruise line offering a consistent, picturesque journey along the Norwegian coast, with a focus on environmental responsibility. Let’s delve into what makes Havila Voyages stand out from the crowd and why travel agents should be talking about them.

The four brand new cruise ships sail on the Norwegian coastal line between Bergen and Kirkenes, all following the same 12-day route and visiting 34 ports along the way. Havila cruise through narrow fjords and open seas, past sheer cliffs and weather-beaten islets; they pass through four UNESCO Heritage sites and cross the Arctic circle twice.

There’s a wide range of organised excursions available, from bucket list experiences like basking in the midnight sun and snowmobiling under the northern lights, to season-specific activities. In the winter months guests can enjoy whale safaris, king crab fishing in a frozen fjord, dogsledding and more. In the summer season guests can explore the Lofted Islands by horse, go sea kayaking and participate in activities that make the most of the extra daylight hours.

The onboard culinary experience is a big focus for Havila Voyages, with each port along the route having their own specialities, recipes and flavours that allow the itineraries to offer a round-trip in locally sourced, traditional dishes. There are no buffets on-board, and the menu changes with every stop up the coast.

What's included?

Cruise bookings are on a full board basis, but shorter port to port bookings do not include meals.
Free regular onboard activities and lectures.

Guests booking a Junior Suite or Lighthouse Suite enjoy the benefits of the ‘Havila Gold’ package (which may also be purchased by other non-suite guests).

Havila Voyages is so confident that its ships offer the perfect chance to see the Aurora Borealis, that they offer a ‘Northern Lights Promise’. This means that any guest booking a 12-day cruise (Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen) will be eligible for a free six or seven night voyage if the Northern Lights don’t appear during their trip.

Why should agents sell Havila Voyages?

The itinerary is the same year-round and guests can join for any length of time, from the full 11 day voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes back to Bergen, or they can join for a shorter length of time. With this, prices are offered port to port as well as for longer itineraries.
The six-day Voyage South cruise from Kirkenes to Bergen (one way) costs from £550 per person on a full board basis. Flights and excursions are not included.

Havila is focussed on offering a more environmentally responsible way to travel and planning for a more sustainable future. The ships offer cruises but are also considered critical infrastructure for the transport of goods and passengers along the Norwegian coast.

All four ships feature one of the world’s largest battery packs on a passenger ship, allowing them to sail quietly and emission free for up to 4 hours at a time. Moreover, the batteries can be re-charged using clean hydropower at ports along the route.
On the 3rd June 2022, Havila Castor made history by operating the first zero emission passenger sailing through Geirangerfjord.

Havila Voyages’ ultimate goal is to operate the 12-day voyage emission free, and continues to invest in making that a reality.

Havila Voyages pay travel agents commission on voyages, excursions, transfers and hotels. There are also net rates available for tour operators. They are open to working with all types of agents, whether they be multiples, smaller groups, or independents.

About the Widgety integration

Havila Voyages are available on the Widgety API and Cruise Search now.

Due to technical restrictions, Havila Voyages is currently only able to provide the Superflex fare in their feed. To see other pricing options, please visit their website or booking platform.


Havila do not provide information on availability: if the grade or cruise is available in their flat files, then it is still available. As we do not currently store the data, if the grade is fully booked, then it will no longer be available in the API. Please check the official website before making any bookings.


The itineraries provided are incredibly detailed in terms of daily locations visited. For example, A 7 day itinerary can include 35 itinerary records. Even very short ‘stops’ (10 min) are included in the flat files, so do not be alarmed should you find an abnormally long itinerary. Times are provided for each of the locations.

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Key Information

  • Four brand new ships 
  • Passengers can choose to do the whole route, or just part of it
  • Cruise bookings are on a full board basis
  • Travel agent comission is available on voyages, excursions, transfers and hotels.
  • A strong focus on sustainability and working toward operating emission free by 2030. 

For more information about Havila Voyages, UK based agents should contact Matthew Valentine, Head of Sales (matthew.valentine@havila.no). They are members of ABTA and bonded through them for voyage sales in the UK.