InteleTravel UK Announces New Partnership with Widgety

Last weekend (29th September – 2nd October 2022), Widgey attended the InteleTravel Quest Conference in Belfast.
The event was well attended, with over 300 travel agents present, as well 20 suppliers and the entire US-based executive team and owners from InteleTravel.

We have been working with InteleTravel behind the scenes for the last few months, and at the conference it was finally announced that InteleTravel will be offering a Widgety Cruise Search and Brochure Rack to all 12,000 UK homeworkers, free of charge.

The Widgets will be added to the trade portal in the next few weeks and will give every UK agent full access to the content available on Widgety.

This is a big statement of intent and a considerable investment, both into Widgety as a partner and also into the homeworkers, as they look to grow cruise sales in the UK.

At one of the sessions with the InteleTravel ‘Ambassador’ agents, they strongly encouraged every homeworker to find their niche and specialism within travel in order to boost their sales. Some choose entire holiday types, like cruise or group travel, while others focus on specialisms such as escorted tours for older travellers, or solely selling Christmas holidays.

Of the agents that we spoke to, the majority didn’t sell that many cruises, and InteleTravel are investing in our Cruise Search in order to give agents the tools and the confidence to grow cruise sales.

We know that cruise is one of the fastest-growing sectors in travel, with bookings reportedly back on track after the pandemic.

The evening dinner at the Game of Thrones Studio was also a real highlight, and we can’t thank InteleTravel enough for allowing us to have that experience. Compared to the complexity of the sets, costumes and everything else involved in creating such a production, building a holiday looks simple!

Damian Gevertz, Widgety Director said “We were genuinely impressed by the enthusiasm of the agents that we met at the trade fair and during the conference. Most have only sold a few cruises or none at all, and understanding that all of their suppliers would be on a single Cruise Search was really exciting.

Our classroom session was really well attended and we hope that agents are able to make the most of what’s available to them”.

Damian also spoke on stage during the main conference and played our new promotional video about the Cruise Search.

Tricia Handley-Hughes, Managing Director at InteleTravel UK, had this to say about the new partnership:

“Investment in creating good tools to help agents increase sales is crucial to stay ahead of the trends. The growth of selling by social media requires agents to make prompt and efficient engagement and Widgety has provided us the platform to do this.

Our increase in cruise sales can only benefit from this, and the Brochure Rack facility is an added bonus to showcase our preferred partner products over a digital platform. We have found Widgety to be responsive and creative, delivering great value.”

Damian also added “We hope that this is the start of a growing partnership with InteleTravel to expand into the US and Mexico in 2023 as USD becomes available on the Widgety platform”.