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What is it?

The Cruise Search is an embeddable Widget that you can have on your website, social media posts, internal system or anywhere else that accepts HTML. 

It has worldwide cruises from the operators of your choice, including pricing for all accommodation types, itineraries and availability. 

Every ship has in-depth content, from a general overview to the deck plans, drinks packages and electrical sockets on board. 

All of this in one place gives you the ability to search from any set of criteria, and find the perfect holiday for your customer.

The Widget updates itself, so you don’t have to maintain cruise and ship content.

What Can it be used for?

On Your Website

Embed the Cruise Search on your own website for people to use, they can then send an enquiry directly to you when they find a cruise they like.


For sales teams to use to find the cruise that customers are looking for, and to give them options they hadn't considered. Results can then be shared for them to have a look.

Over the Phone, Email, or Chat

Give people answers to tricky questions in real time. No more thumbing through brochures for information; In a few clicks you'll have everything you need.

To Save Time

We believe that the time it takes you to find what a customer is after is at least halved by effectively using the Cruise Search, allowing you to get twice as much done in a day.

You'll need

You'll Get

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How do I get started?

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