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Welcome to Widgety’s brand new website! Over the past few months we’ve been squirrelling away in the background working on some exciting changes, including our brand-new-branding and this new website.

We’ve merged the our blog into our main website, updated all the content and information throughout and given the whole thing a face lift. 

Also featuring on our new site is the products and features we’re working on at the moment, including our Holiday Search and brand new platform, The Dashboard. While you have to wait for these a little longer, you can find out all about them and what to expect when they do go live.

On top of all that, our biggest reveal is that from Summer 2021, we’ll be upgrading our API to include tour operators as well as cruise. Not just the holidays; but all the transport options, additional pre- and post- packages, complete with stunning new destination photography and every available detail about every itinerary. As we move into touring we’ll also be upgrading our existing cruise line integrations, which will include every currency on offer, and when combined with the new options for tour operators will allow every agent to bundle or unbundle all aspects of a holiday. 

We have grown our core team and used the last 12 months to put our heads together to work out what the travel industry needs in a post-pandemic world. In the meantime, we’re offering a free Cruise Search to any travel business, for the rest of 2021. 

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