Cruise Search & Brochure Rack

Let's Restart Travel

From today (September 28th 2021), Widgety are offering a free Cruise Search & Brochure Rack to every new travel agent.

Travel agents are fantastic at knowing their customer, and they know what their needs and wants are. But with so many choices available and new ones coming to the market all the time, they can’t be an expert in every cruise line as well.

Agents tell us that researching a cruise to fit someone’s specifications isn’t an easy task. With so many cruise lines, destinations, ships, fare sets, cabins and experiences available, finding that perfect trip can be a time consuming endeavour, especially if you have to look through every website or brochure. We know that after a difficult 18 months, efficiency is more important than ever.

The Cruise Search is an easily installed Widget to help solve this problem. Agents can use it in store, over the phone, in emails and online; or let customers use it themselves to find what they want and enquire with you directly. The virtual Brochure Rack has all the latest brochures and resources from cruise and tour operators, to be accessed from anywhere. Explore every itinerary, price, cabin, ship, destination and brochure at the click of a button.

There are no set up fees, no subscription and you can cancel at any time.
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