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Ship Content

If you sell cruise holidays, you’ll know that it’s impossible to know about every ship, and how time consuming it can be to answer customer questions. 

Whether it’s the largest ship in the world or an 8-berth barge, Widgety aims to provide every detail about every ship. 

The Basics | Deck Plans | Accommodation | Dining | Entertainment | Wellbeing | Younger Travellers | Enrichment | Useful to Know

The Basics

Widgety’s ship content starts with the obvious: the name, cruise line, size, type, passenger capacity, crew numbers, year it was built and the IMO. 

There’s also an introduction, gratuity information, unique features, whether it’s adults-only or family friendly, smoking policies on board and more.

Deck Plans

Every deck on every ship, ordered from top to bottom.

Each complete with a high-res, horizontal image displaying the deck plan, and detail about everything that’s on it. 


There might be 40 different types of cabins on board, or there might only be one. Sorted from most expensive to most affordable.

Every cabin has a title, description, type, grade code, passenger capacity, square footage, facility tags, floor plans, and as many images as possible.


Main restaurants, speciality restaurants, al-fresco dining and room service.

Each with a title, description, cuisine type, images, menus, and importantly, whether they’re included in the cruise fare or not. 


Bars, lounges, cinemas, theatres, shops, casinos, night clubs, art galleries and anything else you might find on board.

Every venue is tagged by type, and has a title, description and photos.

Health & Wellness

Spas, swimming pools, solariums, gyms, fitness classes, saunas, acupuncture and all those other feel-good opportunities.

Every facility is tagged by type, and has a title, description and photos.

Younger Travellers

Whether there’s a teen hangout, children’s club, nursery, or in-cabin babysitting available.

Sorted and tagged by age, from newborn to 17.


Excursions, lectures, dance classes, local entertainment and all the extra bits and pieces.

Zodiacs, helicopters and submarines included.

Useful to Know

Disabled facilities, dietary requirements, packing tips, smoking policies, dress codes and more.

The small details that make the difference. 

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